The Google Calendar integration is a feature that targets Crew and Airline Operations personnel who use the WingTrac application and require easy and quick access to their roster information.

This overview will explain how this feature works, what benefits Crew get from activating this feature, and finally, what access authorisation is required from the Crew for the feature to function.

Using the Google Calendar Integration feature in the WingTrac application, the Crew get roster updates synchronised with their Google calendars. Activating this feature allows WingTrac to synchronise any changes effected on the Crew's rosters with their Google calendars.

Crew need to activate the feature by granting WingTrac view and edit access to their Google calendars. The grating of this access is required for WingTrac to be able to send roster items to Crew's Google calendars. Crew can do this from within the WingTrac application.

With this Google Calendar integration, WingTrac users benefit by;

  1. getting prompt updates on any changes in their rosters accessible in their google calendars,
  2. getting timely alerts and reminders on upcoming roster items, thus remaining informed of their activity plans, and finally,
  3. getting access to their roster information without needing to log onto the WingTrac application. Effectively, this integration gives WingTrac users secure alternative access to an accurate representation of their rosters.

We take utmost care to protect all user information in line with our privacy policy accessible here.