PENTAGLOBAL is an Information Technology Consulting Company focused on delivering Information technology expertise to its customers. The key services offered by PentaGlobal are;

Applications Consultancy Services – here PENTAGLOBAL provides expertise in implementation Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Focussed Technical Trainings with special focus on the Oracle E-Business Suite. The key benefit available to targeted customer base is the;

  • broad relevant experience, within the PENTAGLOBAL, in both the product Oracle E-Business Suite and the knowledge of key business aspects in the region, and
  • Customer Solution driven delivery methodology, used by PENTAGLOBAL, which works with the client to guarantee positive results to the client.
  • Oracle Accredited Trainers, delivering training on a wide range of Oracle products and technologies to customers in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Applications Development Services – PENTAGLOBAL offers Application/Software Development Services to clients with specialized requirements which may not fit within the features of the existing or any available software. The service is available in 2 (two) key modes;

  • Services aimed at developing full and new applications to deliver solutions to specialized customer requirements where it has been established that existing applications are not suitable.
  • Development services aimed at bridging the functionality gaps in existing applications already (or soon to be) in use. These applications may be various modules in the Oracle E-Business suite or any of the applications developed by PENTAGLOBAL.

Applications & Technology Support Services – here PENTAGLOBAL offers Support services to both Enterprise Resource Planning Applications and Technology components. These are available on both an onsite or offsite basis as may be agreed between the customer and PENTAGLOBAL.

Over and above support to Oracle E-Business suite components, PENTAGLOBAL also offers support to its developed applications that have been licenced to customers, again on an either onsite or offsite model as may be agreed between the parties.

Technical Support Services – Leveraging on its strong understanding of the requirements Oracle Applications and Tools, PENTAGLOBAL is able to offer technical services to key application supporting components that enable the effective and optimum utilization of the application in the organization. These services include;

  • Procurement Consultation,
  • Supporting Infrastructure Design,
  • Server Rooms Sizing and Design,
  • Hardware Sizing and Procurement advice, and
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Planning and Implementation.

Business Process Outsourcing – here PENTAGLOBAL offers the solution to run various agreed selected business processes for its customers. The two categories of business process outsourcing that PENTAGLOBAL offers are;

  • The outsourcing, by the client, of complete Information Technology Departments processes to PENTAGLOBAL, and
  • The outsourcing of specific business processes, by the client, to PENTAGLOBAL.